What a Bird’s Nest Can Teach Us About God’s Will

The Disciple's Road

Snugly tucked away in the Old Testament book of Proverbs is one of the Bible’s most beautiful verses on the subject of God’s will Proverbs 27:8 says:

Like a bird that wanders from its nest is a man who wanders from his place (N.K.J.V.).

Tell me, are you right now in your place? Are you living where God wants you to be living? Are you working where He wants you to be working? Are you going to church where He wants you to be going to church? Are you engaged in those activities in which He wants you to be engaged?

A nest is the best place in all the world for a bird to be. It is nothing less than home. A bird in its nest is safe because predators can’t harm it there. A bird in its nest is at rest because no bird can fly…

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Peace and Quiet

My mother gave me so much wisdom growing up.
One of her favorite things to say to most situations was “you’ll understand when you have a family.” I didn’t get it then but I understand now. One thing I remember her saying so often was “I just want some peace and quiet.” When you’re young this sounds absurd but, there comes a time in life where you begin to understand what “mama meant” (that seemed silly at the time). I wholeheartedly understand it now. At 29 I see things differently. Peace and quiet is so vital. I can honestly say each day I enjoy good conversation, music, and also moments with my husband and daughters. But since having a family I now look forward to the peace and quiet that I used to run from. I dont know where you are in life but I want to tell you not everything requires your attention, opinion, or presence. Some of us are so busy going going going doing doing doing talking talking talking that we have no true peace (including me). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some noise but I now realize theres a beauty in silence, resting, and relaxation that it took me until motherhood to realize. Take time to relax. Even Jesus had to get a break from the people, although He too was on a mission and one far more important than ours might I add!


He’s so strong in the Lord Now He wasn’t like that before!

Last week I had an opportunity to meet two women of God from Africa while driving Uber. I picked them up from their brother/uncles house. As they got in the car I realized we spoke the same language. I’m not referring to English although as they spoke I heard them speaking English as well as their native language Ibo. They were not only speaking these two languages they were also speaking Kingdom.

The Body of Christ has their own language but too often we dont speak it. Our conversation should be different than it was before. We instead like these two women speak a little bit of both all in one sitting. We speak a little of our native language which is speech that doesn’t glorify God then we try to sneak in a scripture or what we heard the Lord say. Words have power and should be used wisely.

As they were talking I overheard the elderly mother say “He’s so strong in the Lord now, He wasn’t like that before. His wife is such a praying woman”. Now if you know me you know I’ll “but in” a conversation in a minute. I said do you mind telling me what you’re talking about. She said in as many words as I can remember, “My brother! He’s different. He has a praying wife. He wasn’t like that before but then the wife came and he’s just different.”

She looked so astonished as she was talking. She went on to talk about the power of a praying wife. I took this as a gentle reminder from God. It was not a coincidence that I heard that! Sometimes we get too lazy when it comes to prayer. So often as wives and people period we complain about issues instead of taking them to God. If we talked to God as much as people about our issues we would be so much better off.

As married women too often we talk too much and pray too little. I pray that someone would be able to say the same about us one day. Wow my brother sure changed or wow my uncle sure did change. He’s So strong in the Lord now! He prays daily now versus every other day. He gives so freely now versus being stingy. He so friendly now versus being hard and guarded with a wall up blocking out love. This is not to say they’re such an awful person. We all need change in different areas of our life. And even if you don’t see the change in them immediately, atleast you change! Focus on the change in you! It is true, God allows us to experience test, trials, and tribulation but some of our trouble is simply because of a lack of prayer.

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